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There was also a ton of debree that wasn't there a couple months ago. And the little bit of debree that was at top of second waterfall was now gone for sure.

And a view from top of degree field

Once we reached this point the slide gets significantly smaller. Unfortunately it also got quite ICY

We were able to make it up that section by stepping in the water as all other areas were frozen. Once I rounded the bend I knew it was decision time

I couldn't believe I had been so ignorant of conditions. While the last time I was here it was a bit snowier it was also not in the dead of Winter where the lows have been much lower, and I didn't even think of the ice. While we might have been able to get up it (pic makes it look alot less steep), I knew there was no way we could get back down if we ran into anything tougher further up, and with the way the slide took out everything there was no way to exit into the rhodo even. So we decided to play it safe and turn around

We worked our way back into the rhodo looking for our broken branches from the accent to make the goings easier. Here is Nathan between the waterfalls.

We soon made our way back to the road. Unfortunately we parked the van at Alum Cave trailhead and had to walk the mile back up the road.

A nice day none the less, and next time I'll make sure I take my microspikes
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