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My son and I decided to head down to the cabin for the weekend despite the fact the Hiwassee is blown out and just head up to the Tellico to do some fishing. I actually fished very little as I opted to work with my son as he is relatively new to fly fishing and we had to fish some tight quarter area above the North River due to all the kayaks on the water Saturday. I had my son using a weighted size 8 olive wooly bugger, just letting it drift and bouncing it off the bottom of the stream. The tight quarter casting was challenging for him, I showed him how to do the sling shot technique, he got this down fairly well and was making some nice casts. Fishing was relatively slow, just as he said to me, “I have not even had as much as a bump” and then bang, he hooked and was fighting a nice Rainbow. I realized that I left my phone/camera back in the car, I ran back to get it and just as he was lifting the fish for the photo (it was a legitimate 14” fish), it wiggled hard, he fumbled it and that is all she wrote…..gondi!!! We hung out there for a little while longer, had a few other strikes but nothing else to hand; since we were both cold we decided to call it a day and head back to the cabin. The next morning my son was still fired up from catching that nice rainbow on our outing to the Tellico. He wanted to fish some more before heading home but I really did not want to make the drive back up to the Tellico so I decided to take him and the pooch down to the powerhouse on the Hiwassee. Like all other tailwaters at this time, they were dumping water and generating at the same time. I personally have never seen that much water coming down the river, it was off color and the wall at the powerhouse was a good foot underwater, about a 2 foot difference from the last time I was there. The fast flowing water coupled with a strong wind whipping along the river corridor made conditions tuff. I had him working the seam along the generation water and the heavy flow coming down the river using a white wooly bugger. On his third cast as he was working that seam, he hooked and landed a nice 12-1/2” brown. He had several other hook-ups, but with that heavy volume of water, made it very difficult to keep them on. One fish he had hooked, broke the water and it was a big fat rainbow in the 14-16” range, unfortunately he was not able to keep it hooked. Overall in the short time we were at the powerhouse, he caught the brown and had 3 LDR’s, not a bad morning, he got his appetite tamed and we were able to head home with some good memories.

God gave fishermen expectantcy so they would never tire of throwing out a line.
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