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I'm not saying I have the perfect solution to the "hog" problem in the park, but simply stated, if the pigs, wild boars, and otters were treated like the wolves were out west back decades ago, up until the sixties, they wouldn't even exist in our vocabulary..

As for the damage the hogs do, not all of it can be seen with human eyes. A lot of the streams in the park are very polluted and the water unsafe to drink or use, without taking measures to purify and filter it. That's okay for humans, but what about the fish and other inhabitants of the streams. I don't know how it affects them, maybe nothing at all. I am not a biologist and I don't play one on TV.

Sure, there are professional hunters who go after them, but how many "hogs" are there and how many hunters are there and how many areas are there for the pigs to go to. They are invasives that can and will kill you if they have the opportunity. They do no good in the park ecosystem and everything they do, is destructive to it. They don't belong there.

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