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Thanks for Hobby Lobby tip; I have never been inside that store.... could be I find a few other items to fool around with.... could et out of hand.

Narco; I will need to google "RUV"

Most nymphs catch fish even when poorly tied or chewed up... Last season I pretty well "perfected" a "streamer" after years of foolisng around... almost a magic bullet. Now I seek to find a couple bead heads that result "induce" strikes even when the fish are off feed.

Same with micro BH midges... back & red seem to be the two most reliable colors but I've seen them shunned and only take tan or olive wondering if the addition of a white "tuft' projecting off the bead above the bead might result in more "takes".

Then there are those pesky SOHO black flies in the film; might take me forever to discover a recipe they cannot refuse.

Tailwater Dixie Trout are awesome! Nothin like wading in 55 degree water when it 80 degrees outdoors!
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