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Shoot me an email and I will either go with you or help you out on advice... tnflyfisher at yahoo

I have been killing them out at the Stones here recently. I stop counting after I hit 20 fish, which happens often.. It is a fun gig every winter to have some trout action only 20 minutes away... Have also landed some real nice fish so far this year that have now been feeding for the past few months and haven't found their way into a baitslinger's net. They love me btw... as I sit out in the middle of the river catching 30-40 fish and just let every one go back its merry way... I have almost been hooked in the waders a few times out of desperation to reach the mystery hole I must be fishing out of...

My bad... didn't see where your plans had changed until after. I would have been happy to put you on some trout. Stay out of any dark allies..

Tight Lines,
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