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It has been several years since I have tied any fly for Stripped bass; I have caught tens of thousands over thirty years in new England coastal waters.

I have some totally awesome patterns that really catch these fish like gangbusters.

I should have shared these wicked awesome innovative and total radical whacked patterns with the world long ago; perhaps I will send them all to Dave Klausmeyer... ?

It would be a great shame that I die without sharing these with everyone. . lol
Truth is I would not "let" Guernsey put them in FRR mag when he was editor and I taught him virtually everything about catching stripped bass. .

Anyway; I shall tie you up a selection of my unique striper flies for your birthday... this summer we shall catch them in the Clinch and next time I see you I'll leave you with an 8 or 9 weight for casting practice.

With I had a spool of OVAL TINSEL in the worst way today.
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