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Default High Value Instruction Produced by Folks Like Most of Us

Originally Posted by lauxier View Post
i saw the video on smoky's fishing,it's about 4+ hours long-i thought it was real can tell james did lots of work getting this dvd out.its instructional,and james seems to be a nice guy,who goes over every aspect of fishing the smokys.from the start he tells you they will be dry fly fishing.its a good one to watch just as entertainment if you like gsmnp,wheather you fish or not,cause the park looks good,the streams are beautiful,and it all comes together and works because when its over you want to head for the park,rod in hand.
I agree with all your comments, lauxier. James is indeed a "nice guy." He is one of the most encouraging and accomodating of anyone I have met in the business, especially given his credentials.

My saying "...Produced by Folks Like Most of Us," couldn't have been stated better than did Nathan Kennedy in his review on of the Fly Fishing The Great Smoky Mountains National Park video.
"James and Angie are definitely not 'snobby' fly fishers. They’re both distinctly Southern, and they’re a joy to watch."
See Nathan's complete review.

Although my wife can no longer get on many of the streams, she has stayed glued to the screen whenever I watch the DVD. Now we both agree I need to locate a DVD on improving my patience , a key virtue clearly exhibited by Angie.

Fishing the Park Video Trailers:
“Joe” Fred Turner
Southern Appalachian Stream Maps

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