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Default I am a current student of James and Angie plus many others

Originally Posted by The Principal View Post
Has anyone seen James and Angie Marsh's Instructional video on Flyfishing the Smokys?
If so would it be worth showing the Kids in my school's fly fishing club.
I find it honorable sir that you would seek to give this knowledge in a classroom setting. I could only wish to have been exposed earlier in my life as you are inquiring.

Principal, from personal experience I can verify that they are two of the most genuine and qualified fly fishers you could meet that give more than they ever ask.

After many conversations about fly fishing that someone new could possibly seek out never was the question asked "would you be interested in purchasing" or "hype" to market anything to me.

My 10 year old expressed an interest in the sport and James took it upon himself to drive an hour, meet me and "Give" unconditionally a set of instructional videos for him to watch. Along with a set of starter flies etc.. He found the videos very interesting!!

Does it get any better than this?

I am sure if asked, not only would he provide you video but as the creator and producer along with Angie show up to your class and really give you the assistance that would have a life long impact on those we need up and coming to this sport.

If I can assist in getting your class the assistance you seek, please email me.


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