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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post

Yeah; this about the best way to get an general idea. Then; you have to look at the upstream inflow data and take in account the amount or rainfall, etc.

Also; the water table is higher at the moment and they have to slowly cutback as to not create erosion problems.

I would expect that 1,000-1,002 would be a comfortable level for them to let up if we do not receive more abnormal rain events. It is starting to get closer to Mid-March when they need to focus on maintaining an adequate lake level to make it through statistically lower summer rainfall levels.
I checked online today and it seems that the reservoir elevation (assuming that's what you were referring to) is nearing that 1,000 ft mark. The outflow is also projected to slow the next couple days.

Does this mean fishing soon or am I getting my hopes up prematurely? I know we're supposed to get a little rain this week as well so that may impact these projections some.


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