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SAMMY I think UTC has it on spools but don't know if LRO sells their products.

Seems I don't really need to tie many dry flies to re-fill my boxes and still have a slew of nymphs all very seviceable BUT like everyone else... I seek "the edge".

I have a list of about 15 patterns that I want to try out this year.... many are old reliable patterns to which I want to add a "HOT SPOT" behind the bead..

Also looking for something called DATUM GLO-BRITE that is apparently made in the UK... some sort of UV floss that guys are raving about up in PA.

I think the Clinch fish see a lot of flies over a season so I'm going to try something that might stir their interest a bit more when the only game seems to be throwing those wicked tiny zebra midges. I can barely see the size 20 and smaller flies so I'm wondering what might "reach out" visually to the fish that is several feet away from the drift and induce strikes.

I saw a pattern called the PINEAPPLE EXPRESS that I want to try; size 16 down to 20... Also gonna tie some size 18 zebra stle beads with red bodies made from red crystal flash and mabe a turn of peacock herl for a collar and perhaps a tuft of white in front of the bead.

Does anyone throw scud patterns on the Clinch? Howsabout Sculpin patterns?

Last year Orange was a good color for me below Cherokee when dressed onto some streamers and as a HOT SPOT on BHPT's but orange didn't elicit many stikes on the Clinch.... seemed that Quasi's were the Spring ticket last year but I'm gonna spice them up with a HOT SPOT and see if they don't work better.
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