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Default going through the change

As I said,James and Angie are nice people..They put in lot's of work on their video about fishing GSMNP streams.In the last 3 years or so I've become a beleiver in nymph fishing.James goes out of his way to point out that they fish with only dry flies.That's fine,but the techniques to be learned fishing nymphs will catch you a lot more fish,especially if you tie a nymph under a dry fly,you have the best of both worlds. Last time I visited GSMNP,(in December,a few days before Christmas)I used a 10ft 4wt High Stick Drifter and Euro-ed a Large Terminal nymph with a #18 Blackbird 20 inches above the terminal nymph.No one was fishing.The water of the streams was cold and a bit high.I caught 5 nice rainbows in about an hour(On tremont) then in Little Rive I caught 2 nice trout,one was 11 inches long.Dry fly fishing is great when conditions are right.I'm all for it,but if you can half-way fish a nymph,you've go 12 months of fishing.
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