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I was probably one of the biggest proponents of GoPro when it first came out. I have an HD2 and it is basically a piece of junk.

Well; if you want something that can video in a fish-eye (distorted) view from bicycle handle bars, mounted to kayaks, etc.; then this is probably ok.

It locks up all the time and the easy of use is horrible because you have to cycle through options by pushing one button.

The case is durable and will hold up underwater; but, I already have a crack in my lens mount.

Trust me on this one; there are far better compact/waterproof cameras at half the price that will shoot better video and pictures.

I would never recommend any of the current versions for fly fishing applications! Trust me; you will end up leaving this thing at home 90% of the time. A waterproof digital camera at half the price is more convenient to videoing and taking pictures on the water.
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