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Originally Posted by fearnofishbob View Post
Thanks Madison Boats...... it is good to hear from someons who has used one.........can you recommend a brand/model that you feel would be a better investment...? Thanks again..... Bob
I have a finepix right now that shoots great 1080p video and pictures. It is compact and fits well in jacket pockets or from a Lanyard. ~$150

LRO Forum member Breck posted about a Canon a while back in the forums. I have heard high praise from them. Also; they shoot great macro (close) shots with excellent color. I think the new model; D20 has the gps mapping as well.

One key quality I value is the compact and thin profile of a camera. I like to hang them from my vest so that I can quickly and easily take photos. The gopro does not allow you to do that unless you wear a tight fitting head strap or chest strap that gets in your way. Also; it is twice the thickness of similar camera; so, it does not store well in your vest. In addition; there is no lens protection. It is prone to scratch and the sun can bleach the iris by leaving it face up in a boat, car, etc.

I had an Olympus Tough; it lasted for about 2 years. It was a great camera; but, the seals finally gave way.

Pentax makes a very nice camera as well. A little more pricey; but, I think there are quality features to match the price.

The new thing in these cameras is GPS mapping. It allows you to use Google Maps, etc. to automatically map your picture's location-if you want. I am not sure that is a good idea for fishermen if you want everyone to know where you caught that big fish. I like to use it for macro-invertebrate (bug) mapping and floral pictures.

Hope this helps. Also; buy FAST memory card formats for better response time from your camera.
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