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The GoPro is a good camera. It is great for outdoor use and easy to mount with the adapters to outdoor equipment. The fish-eye lens is great for panoramic video shots and to get the outdoor effect inside the video.

The remote control is another great feature. I currently use the timer function for photos and I just have to wing the videoing with waste footage. One thing to note; the GoPro batteries only last around 30 minutes of continuous recording time and for some odd reason; makes the whole case very hot. This has caused me some condensation issues in underwater video. To be objective; I would expect this to be industry standard for the model range.

If I were you; I would create a pros/cons list and weight your decision on objective needs. In hindsight; I still would have purchased my GoPro Hero2 after reading reviews such as my own. I guess I am the type of person that needs to validate it myself.
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