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Smile Tyring to predict Smokies weather will make you pull your hair out

And the weather will predict where you should be. By April it could be warm as could be, or there could be snow

If it warms up pretty good, I personally would be around a good brookie stream. If it's colder you want to be on a lower elevation stream like David suggested. I have a upcoming Smokies trip a week before yours, and trying to plan to plan it has been tough since it hard to predict the temps, and more importantly the rain fall. You mentioned crossings on Forney. At regular water level, you will get wet, but not bad. On the other hand after a good rain, you might be held up.

As to your specific suggestions:

1 - Sounds like a decent trip
2 - Nice trip, but watch weather and water levels for crossings. If the system is flush with water, I'd pick another
3 - Sounds good. Also some crossings on Big Creek, but unless after a rain event should be fine. I like this idea. Easy walk, lots of fishing, then some views on the way home when your pack is lighter
4 - Eagle crossings can be bad, not sure about the one that low, others may be able to help better as I have not been to Eagle in 15+ years.
5 - 24 like Rog suggested, or if you wanted to mix it up. 30, then 23.

Good luck, and post a trip report when you get back, and take a camera
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