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From what you have provided, and all the good points others have posted, if it was me and i was making plans for that time of year I would pick either


1. Being a older guy and wanting to spend as much time possible fishing i would also consider taking the boat ride across and plan for one or two basecamp sites on Hazel. Plenty of water and places to hike around.

2. Depending on weather and stream conditions, you can easily move up or downstream to suit the conditions. In the past it was easy to change CS depending on conditions. (Newer CS regulations might make this more challenging).

3. I have gone all the way up to CS 82 in the first week of April because of lots of water down low or stayed at lower CS because of colder weather and snow.

Deep Creek:

1. all the same advantages listed with Hazel except you dont need a boat ride.

2. Plenty of water and CS to choose from depending on conditions.

That time of year my best advise would be to pick a place that you could be flexible in your plans.

No matter where you decide it sounds like you are going to have a great trip.

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