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Some top notch posts, these.

Mike, there actually was a brief mention in the program of the contention by some that there are still "panthers" and wolves on the prowl, but no footage, blurry or otherwise. However there was no mention of "panters." Given the documentary came out of the UK, that is understandable I suppose.

I admit to being less than completely forthcoming regarding the specifics of the housing arrangements for my raccoon buddy and about his having siblings and other kin. One cannot completely rule out these smart critters having retained a backwoods southern lawyer and gotten a special waiver to the statute of limitations.

Actually, a family friend who – once he became aware the raccoons could not be part of his menagerie – asked my dad, a noted 'coon hunter, to properly release the clan. He did so after just a few weeks of our treks to the creek getting the young ones acclimated to the outside world and then leading them back to the cage next to their mom's. Although dad's dog's probably sensed something in the air, to my knowledge he never let them near the temporary residence. It was a sad time for us kids watching them all vanish into the woods, but in all likelihood, not a sad one for the masked kids... and the moms... the racoons' and mine.
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