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CS30 is a 6.7 mile hike and CS 23 is a 6.9 mile hike...good trail without a lot of heavy climbing. 30 is an area my kin folk up there used to refer to as Three Forks since the river here basically divides into 3 separate feeder streams...water is smallish but once you head up one of the streams you are by have got to come out how you went in...a lot of brookies up of the streams has a vertical falls that opens up above it and there is nothing but brookies up there. If you are willing to walk in to 23 you can fish up Goshen Prong to the left or up the right fork which is still Fish Camp Prong...from 30 you can also walk back down across the "bluff"...where the trail does climb up above the stream and fish back to the campsite. The water thru the bluff is basically flat water without all the plunge pools and can offer some really great dry fly fishing...there is an island before you get to 30...don't neglect the right hand side of this area...great water...and there is always a nice trout in the pool just before the island where the side channel enters from the left before you have to cross it...biggest fish I ever hooked in the park was up Fish Camp Prong past where Goshen Prong merges...can't go wrong with this water.
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