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Originally Posted by surfdog View Post
how does the konic 3.5 balance out on the 6wt, looks a little large but has the backing capicity that I need for salt and the price that I could afford.
I balances quite nicely on several rods I use from 6-8 wt. It probably might be a little big if you put it on a 6wt with a half wells grip, but on a full wells grip bass or trout streamer rod, it fits nicely.

Another good choice would be the Sage 2000 series. The 2050 fits 5-6 wts and is 3.7" dia. I have a 2080 on my Clouser 8wt. velvety smooth reel and a nicer finish. The 2080 is 4" diameter and holds a lot of backing. Good for carp or other fish that take long runs into backing.
This is a 2080 on the Clouser rod.

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