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Default The fallacy of

The fallacy of the "fees" has been in all that it was claimed they would provide in terms of "park support". It has been claimed that these fees would cure every ill related to the park, to the back country, etc....but all they do is supposedly cover the cost for the contractor to provide the reservation system. By the way a software design engineer had already offered to create and provide such a system for free to the "park service" and they rejected the offer. It really would appear that these fees are some sort of a trial balloon being floated to determine the climate and possibilty of floating others and lrager fees for admission or use of the "park". Much has been said and many accusations have been thrown at the folks who oppose these fees, but the facts speak for themselves. The info obtained by "Freedom of Information Act" requests is eye-opening to say the least and appaling as well. the information can be viewed in the media sections of "Got Smokies" and / or "Southern Forest Watch".


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