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Originally Posted by Don Kirk View Post
My presentations are rarely talk about how I fish, but rather how the old timers did it. By and large, today's young fellows are considerably more skilled than we were 40 years ago. I do these presentations because they are fun and it gives me a chance to introduce people to Southern Trout. Sometimes I selll a book or two, but the books were written to promote the magazine, not like my first get rich scheme raising St. Bernard dogs.
As best I can tell, most people seem to have a good time regardless of who the know it all is. The Duck is going to be pretty dark and cold when I am talking so why not come down to toss tomatoes at me. I am a pretty good size target.
This aspect
..but rather how the old timers did it.
captivated me more than I thought it would during your last presentation at CRTU. I could see myself in many of the people you spoke about...jumping from rock to rock and trying crazy patterns...It is excellent information and things that we should cherish and pass along.
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