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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
While I love playing in the rhodo, I'm definately not there. Obviously Steve Moore, but Matt Kulp is also there shocking. And LRO's own Bill Bolinger can be seen doing the length and weight measurements. I figured some of you would recognize some of the fisheries students.

Double Springs Gap. That will be my second night of my thru hike of the park in just a couple weeks. I bet I'll be happy when I finally get there. It will be my toughest day coming all the way from Tri-Corner.
I saw Caleb Gregory in the video also he is a great guy I enjoyed shocking bunches creek with all those guys last year and hope to do something else with them this year.

Wow James how many nights are you taking to get through the park 2 nights or 3? I am curious because I may be doing the same thing this year but I was thinking more along the lines of a leisurely 4 or 5 nights ha. Also just curious why did you choose to go from North to South?
Adam Beal

Hey Jack (JAB)...
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