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Young Thomas is my kinda guy. Thanks for sharing.

Yesterday (Thursday) I was able to meet with a very professional and curteous ranger at park headquarters who listened intently as I went down the list of things on the revised Trail Map I thought needed attention and who confirmed he understood the points being made. As we went though he actually typed each item in an e-mail. When we finished, he promptly sent the e-mail to the person who was made responsible for coordinating the change over to the new backcountry reservation system. Afterward I shared my thoughts about NPS producing a somewhat larger map. Both of us doubt seriously that would ever happen.

The ranger provided me a printed version of the revised map. It has 2012 in the lower right. The online version still has 2011 on the revised map. Other than the date being changed on the printed version, there were no other obvious changes. It may well that will be the case for a while given the budget cutting that recently went into effect.

The ranger mentioned that there will be an insert in each of the new maps as printed, which – I am guessing – is like what I was given at the Sevierville GSMNP welcome center earlier in the day (see below).

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