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Breck... a fantastic post by a fantastic dad. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I'm pretty much with you DP. As to any adverse affect this or future cutbacks, real or perceived, might have on Park fishing on future generations, officials would be hard pressed to diminish promoting it and even hiking to brook trout waters any more than has already occurred over the years. (May have been a small bump in '06?). I saw no more than two or three different books on the subject at Sugarlands VC Friday.

Except for that exhibited at better galleries in the region, even the imagery of this amazing wildlife is largely absent from the view of most park visitors. After painstakenly scrolling through scores of absolutely amazing photos by professionals "liked" at, I found only two (2) of trout. They are perfectly framed and illuminated, colorful rainbows in streambeds presented at "Natures Photography by Valerie E Miller." (I commended Valerie via FB and asked if she has photographed any of the natives.) There is no fault on the part of the GSMA Facebook administrator that fish pics are pretty much MIA. (I've met her and she does a fantastic job). It's sorta hard to post pitchers what ain't been took yet.
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