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I can attest to the light OLIVE zebra midge effectiveness; last summer I threw everything midge at the fish and could barely buy a strike; meanwhile Beto was fishing a light olive zebra, tung bead with silver rib, and he consistantly hooked-up.

At the time I did not have this particular color; I do now.

A QUESTION THOUGH.... Have any of you guys tried throwing a size 16 BH zebra?

Typically I throw them in 20 and 22..... but wonder if the fish might go for a larger representation? I have a devil of a time handling the hooks, beads and finished flies much less getting them tied on to the point with old eyes and fingers.

On "Speculation" I have tied up a bunch in size 16 and will also do size 18 with the hope that "going large" might work out.
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