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Default Is Monetizing possible?

How do you propose to monetize the project? Five years ago before we sold our CDL recruiting web sites we tried putting Kiosks in a half dozen Love and Pilot truck stops. Access was free to driving looking to change jobs—and most of them are. The only revenue we could generate was from delivery of job applications to trucking companies which they filled out at the Kiosk. We averaged about 300 apps a day and had about four dozen trucking companies who paid us $300 a month to get the apps sent to their personnel departments so they could make contact with prospective drivers.
The challenge we faced was selling the trucking companies on the cost of our service, and then collecting what they owed us. It is especially tough when big trucking companies out-source such decisions to ad agencies you have to deal with that want 20 percent off the top, then another pay out under the table.
If you can get your Kiosks in the park, I am confident that your idea will work in terms of getting traffic. Odds are you can drive easily quantified traffic to potential sponsors/advertisers. The fly in the ointment is, can you get enough potential sponsors/advertisers to shell out for the service. Unless you are a very gifted, natural-born salesman, monetizing projects like this—or Southern Trout--- is the tough part.I
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