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Thanks, Adam. I excluded the Park visitor centers as possibilities for now, but I know from the reaction of more than one volunteer at Sugarlands and Sevierville (somewhat less so at 'Luftee), having our maps in any format within thier reach would be immensely helpful when they are asked questions about fishing. One gentleman who was wild about our wild trout stream maps told me all he had to work with was the free Park Service Fishing Regs and Map and to suggest the visitor purchase a book by Ian and Charity, Jim, H. Lea Lawrence, et al. I'm not one to boast, but with a visitor looking (for free) at one of our maps, taking the free brochure and buying the $1 trail map and one of the great books, could not be set up and better to get on a stream before heading "back home in Indiana." Later, if our web site comes to mind, that would, of course, be nice.

Here's the deal as I understand it: Any product... even if donated fully... to Great Smoky Mountains Association bearing a company's logo (or not - yep, that's right), must be appoved by the association and Park Service review committee... a process I am told can take up to two years. Add to that what I believe is the current official status of "they're not buying anything," the start of the submittal process for GSMA to just be given something helpful might not occur until after the 2014 mid-term elections. (For the record that is my choice of a projected date and mine alone). But, I choose to be remain optimistic. I have an appointment with the director of GSMA in a couple of weeks to learn for sure how things work. He seems like a nice gentleman on the phone and e-mails. I am looking forward to meeting him in person.
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