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When trout are eating caddis emergers, you see the fish leaping out of the water as they chase the caddis toward the surface. Caddis flies do not ride the surface as mayflies do; they jettison right through the surface and make for vegetation. When I am fishing a caddis dry pattern, I always let the bug swing under at the end of the drift and strip it back. After the bug has been dragged under it swings around and starts heading back toward the surface. On the upswing or as you are stripping it back, it appears to be a merger heading for the surface and some of the most aggressive strikes occur during this time. I have fished other patterns in this same fashion and have had good success getting strikes and catching fish. The only problem that arises is that the bug can absorb water and then you need to dry cast a few times to get it floating again. It is well worth the few dry casts, this technique catches fish. So yes, fish do eat dry fly's that become wet, you have been misinformed!
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