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I like your idea about "offsetting the point to the hook shank"; oddly I bought some size 16 and 18 "scud" sttle hooks recently that all had off set hook points and I have been STRAIGHTENING them! DUH!

MY "NEW" ZEBRA MIDGE RECIPE..... for anyone that wishes to tie a few.

Size 16 and smaller use regular zebra style hook with bead of choice. Black thread or whatever.

Take three or four different colored strands of KRYSTAL FLASH and tie in at rear. advance thread to head, spin the Krystal into a rope.

Secure "rope" with rotary hackle pliers so it does not unwind and wrap the body, (no need to make a tapered base layer with tying thread; just taper it with the rope.

Secure Krystal rope behind head with whip tool then coat body with Sallly Hansen high build nail polish and then spin on a little ICE DUB collar in black, olive brown, peacock or orange/rust.

The body looks incredibly VARIEGATED (spelling?) with multiple color flecks and I feel certain it will be more appealing to more fish....

OR IT MIGHT BE A TOTAL BUST.... but I don't think so.

Sorry gang but I had a brain injury in 2004 and now think more like a brown trout than a human.
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