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Post Hazel Creek - 03/15 thru 17 Report

I couldn't resist the great weather so I headed to Hazel Creek for the weekend. Motored over from the marina on Friday morning and returned Sunday afternoon. The weather was fantastic. Lots of insect activity and fish were caught on nymphs and dries.

There was a lot of damage from the recent heavy rains. The creek banks are scoured and there is very little ground cover left along the stream. The heavy current carried away most of the pine needles and leaves, revealing a lot of artifacts around the old sawmill site.

I met two fishermen from Ohio and we camped together at Sawdust Pile (85).

They came over late Thursday evening and arrived at the trailhead at sunset. They said they met and "outfitter" at the low water bridge site....said he was upset because someone had "stolen" his pontoon boat. He was so frustrated....he told them to use his tent at 86 since he would not be staying there Thursday night. They said he had a nice camp set up as if he were expecting a large group of folks. They never heard from him again as they left Friday morning for Sawdust Pile. He was gone when I came out on Sunday. Does anyone know anything about this...whether its true or maybe the guy was upset for some other reason? I've left my boat there many times with no problems.

On another note.....if you begin your trip from the low water bridge (as opposed to Ollie Cove) you'll have to ford the stream with your gear. The water was pretty high this weekend and could be treacherous for a small person. (Clarification - Hazel Creek was high....the lake level is still too low to be dropped off river right.)


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