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Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
Glad you were able to spend some time out with the family even if there wasn't much fishing. The time you're spending now will pay off huge dividends down the road when your kids are spending time outside and want to go fish with you...
Such a true statement! I'm seeing this come true in my own life as well. My kids are pretty much grown now. 1 16year old still at home and a 20 year old in college. My wife and I took them camping several times a year since they were born and they soon spent every spring break in the mtns camping alongside the stream. I introduced them to turning over rocks in the stream and catching nymphs, stoneflies and crayfish. I didnt get to spend a lot of time fishing during those camping trips, maybe an hour or so everyday during the afternoons, but just taking those short hikes around the campgrounds or up to the cabins at elkmont were a lot of fun for all. As they got older and my son learned to fly fish, we both would head out each day, I still spent a lot of time coaching, rather than fishing , but now he is able to cast and catch fish on his own. He even recently bought his own kayak so he can float with me out on the lakes and rivers and also go on his own. It sure gives a dad great pleasure to see your kids grow to enjoy and appreciate being in the outdoors.
My daughter does not like to fish, but does enjoy camping and short hikes. Like her Mom , she is an avid reader, and just enjoys sitting outside at the campsite and cooking over the fire.
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