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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Jeff I'm dissappointed with your accessment

You seem like a resonable guy, and I tend to agree with you on many issues, but don't really think that "toxic climate in Washington" has anything to do with the backcountry fee. Furthermore the suggestion that we should be happy to swallow the fee beacause they could easily close the whole backcountry is absurd. The fee is wrong for a host of reasons that, and to most people it's not about the $4, but the many lies told and the fact that it solely goes to fund a system we didn't need in the first place. Also from a cost standpoint backcountry users account for only a fraction of park costs so why closing the backcountry would save serious money is beyond me. Now Closing Cades Cove and you might save some coin.

Don't mean to harp on you, and hopefully we can still be internet friends If you want to get a bit more informed on the issue Adam (Crockett) had been one of the people leading the fight.Also been some informing post on GoSmokies, and of course on SFW.

Think of the family of 6 that now pays more for a backtcountry site than a front country
I wasn't trying to say anyone should accept it. Far from what i was trying to say. I was trying to say we need to be vigilant to ensure the park stays open. Given the toxic atmosphere in Washington these days, the Administration is looking for ways to create pain so that one side can stab the other side in the back.

Look for more of these "visible" cuts like closing white house tours and closing campgrounds. It isn't about saving real money or elimination of waste, it is about politics.

Again, I was in no way advocating for the back country fee or saying anyone should be happy with it or accept it. Just stating that we should be happy the NPS didn't close the backcountry completely (and I would not be surprised to see them do just that in the future). again, not to save any real money but to create a toxic climate where one side can blame the other side for every bad thing that has happened since Eve took a bite of the fruit of the tree of knowledge to the current day.

No worries. No offence meant by me and none taken by me.

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