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Default Clinch Friday

Was able to enjoy several hours on the river with my son Brian who was only able to spend a single full day here in TN on a very brief visit.

The Clinch was tough; we started directly below the dam and I broke off two on my first two casts with PT's. Fish "porposing" on wicked tiny emerging midges just under the film.... a tough place to get a fly.

The Conga Line was well represented below us; don't know if they did much better.

Went down to Miller's hoping to change things up; a bunch of guys on the road side of the island so we went behind to find our own piece of river.

Landed several rainbows and a single brown; all on larger nymphs but one on a size 18 black zebra; they would not touch the 22's.

Funny/odd thing.... fish everywhere on emergent midges (wicked tiny stuff just under the film) but there was a decent little olive hatch followed by a sulphur hatch... both fairly consistant. THE FISH DID NOT RESPOND! Go figure? All these tasty mayflies and no takers.

I did not see a single mayfly take flight; seemed that it was so cold they stayed on the water running the guantlet unmolested.

Brian landed no fish but now has a renewed interest in our sport and is being sent back to Maine with more flies than he is likely to need..

Have to do some work in Johnson City this morning for the Big Orange Box Store and might hit soho afterward today; no scheduled generation.
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