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Originally Posted by Don Kirk View Post
As far as the pending demise of trout fishing in the South, I’m of the opinion you are a bit off. The growth and transformation of interest in trout fishing in the South since the 1970s is nothing short of astonishing...
Don, thanks fir your interest in this. I totally agree with you regarding the bright future ahead for "trout fishing in the South." My focus is on helping folks discover or to keep on pursuing "Smoky Mountain Fishing"... which is the title of this particular section of the forum. Others geared to the South outside the national park: Tennessee Trout Streams and Tailwaters and Fly Fishing for Trout in Other States
Personally, I feel we all have potentially bright future in providing services and information to southern trout market. If you measure getting rich exclusively in terms of $$$, then your expectations may not be reached.
We are not pursuing riches in this mom-and-pop's niche and have never been under the illusion such await us. Just having a "hellva good time" spreading the word and trying to cover expenses, which ain't easy these days. In fact, I may be needing to locate and dust off the ol' TI I got for my engineering gig back in the '70s. There's getting to be a few more cars in the lots of some of the plants still here in Greater Chair City.

I am overdue sending you an e-mail about how well Southern Trout magazine looks and our placing an ad. I'll be in touch soon.
– JF
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