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The snow quickly turned to light rain which in turn, turned to sleet. Fortunately it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

The next day we had a light covering around most of the camp.

It didn't hang around too long

With nothing much else to do that day, I climbed to the high spot above 70 between Jonas and forney creeks.

We got another weather advisory from ducky that it would get bad Friday night so rather that hike over to Nolan's creek, we stayed out and decided to hike out on Friday, rather than stay until Saturday.

We packed up as much of the trash as we could which included a big tarp, half burnt, 10 tin cans, some fiberglass tent poles someone had tried to burn, and a pair of shoes...

So if you want to visit 70, now is the time because its pretty trash free for now.

There was a fold up chair across the river that we couldn't get to... The things people ditch in the woods...

We hiked out to the car, and it was pretty uneventful. We were all happy when we reached the tunnel

A chocolate bar and big dr pepper later, I was ready to go back already...

All in all a good trip. My cousin has gotten bit by the smokies trout fishing bug and is already talking about going again this summer. It was a great week, even though the weather put a halt to excellent fishing. And everyone managed to catch some which is always a plus.

Special thanks to duckypaddler for keeping me up to date on the impending and constantly changing weather situation.
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