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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Was able to enjoy several hours on the river with my son Brian who was only able to spend a single full day here in TN on a very brief visit.

Glad you were able to get out and spend some time with your son. Catching tons of fish on a fly is great; but, spending the time with your family is even better. I think Friday was a black fly day due to that late-short schedule. Search up some of the black fly patterns and try them during those periods.

Originally Posted by billj View Post
I was one of the guys on the road side of Miller's yesterday......there was a very heavy black fly hatch (or spinner fall, not really sure how the adult life cycle goes) that went on for several hours that the fish were keyed into. I had my best day of the year numbers wise (not sure how many I caught, lost count) I did have a tough hour or so where I was having trouble getting consistent hookups but other than that the action was pretty steady.

Hope this helps........
The black fly hatch is easy to spot if the water is fairly calm. It will look as if there is a light sprinkle of rain on the water.

Thanks for sharing your tips and insight Billj!
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