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Default Floating from Peach Orchard

Iím interested in taking a float trip in a drift boat from Peach Orchard to Highway 61. I would like to put in and fish areas downstream of Peach Orchard prior to the generation reaching Peach Orchard. I plan on floating down to Highway 61 once the generation rise gets to me, keeping one eye on my watch and the water level. Basically, I plan on floating through the shoals downstream of the Peach Orchard shoals on the generation rise.

My questions are:
Is it possible to go over the shoals immediately downstream of Peach Orchard without the generation rise? Iím sure it will take a hunk of glass out, so Iím thinking of getting out and walking it. Is that possible? Is it best to go river right, left or down the middle?

-TN Jed
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