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Default Tremont 3/24

So since it had been over 24hrs since I was in the smokies, I decided to beat the cold weather and do some fishing this afternoon. All in all it went ok. The fishing was still a little slow for me, despite the 51 degree water. I caught a 7" rainbow pretty quickly on a caddis larva. A short while later I had a large bow slam my dry (grey never sink) and had a pretty good battle with him. After about a minute of fighting him, I got him to the surface, about 3 feet from the bank. He looked to be over 14"...which was exciting. Shortly after, he took a couple of leaps out of the water and gave a great shake and threw the fly...oh well...

I managed an 8" bow and a handful of small ones. The rain started up about 7 pm and when the wind picked up, I decided to head home.

Will upload pics later, if you want to see some 6-8 inch rainbows...
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