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Nice report glad you got out. I think anyone who lives close enough to the Smokies for plenty of visits a year would have backed out after the weather last week. I knew early on I wouldn't be meeting up for the second half of NDuncan's week wouldn't happen. Then even my Smokies thru-hike that originally had to be modified got re-directed because of 441 closing.

Seems like you have a pretty organized system with the hammock. Did you have an underquilt?

And I agree for the most part - waders in the backcountry no good I don't know about ditching the boots unless you have some felt sandals or shoes. I bust my butt enough, and try to limit my risk when in the backcountry.My biggest question with the Tenkara is how you don't mess up your hook set without being able to pull on line at same time you are raising rod?

And I'm glad your enjoying you stove. I would be scared to put my I-phone so close to my stove. I also think my Camp-tek sleeping pad inflator and NDuncans tin can could boil water faster, lighter, and much cheaper

Maybe we can have a stove contest in the backcountry soon, with the loser having to carry out all the extra trash we clean up
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