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My hammock is double layer, so I use a 39" x 59" x .25" evazote closed cell foam pad in between the layers; no worries about rolling off or it sliding out.

The waders I use in the backcountry are the chota hippies, which have a negligible weight difference compared to neoprene socks. The boots I carried up are the Orvis Packlight ones. In the Summer I wet wade in Korkers Swift Sandals (no longer made), but they have seen better days and will soon need to be retired. I need to find or make a felt bottom sandal that is all synthetic so it dries fast and can do double duty as a camp shoe. I tried to wade in Crocks once and that was a disaster.

The tip of the tenkara rod was soo sensitive I could see it reacting to the rocks a nymph bounced off of. When fishing the dries I saw the red lilian (what you attach your level line / furled leader to) jerk downstream and then lifted. Once I felt the fish on, then I set the hook by bringing the rod back behind my head. I watched some youtube videos before heading out.

I was really put off by Tenkara at first because of all the shills that TUSA had "blogging" about their products. One of the worst shills now "reviews" some of the other brands' offerings even though he resells the TUSA rods. Would you read the review of a Chevy at a Ford dealer? When I read that Ian and Charity were now using the rods however I decided there might be something to them. I picked up a Fountainhead brand 11' Stone Fly model for $75, and was quite pleased with it on its first outing.

Micro-USB cables come in many lengths. To be honest though I didn't have cause to use the recharging capability of the BioLite on this short trip. I might try to rig up a forced air solution to leave the orange thing at home on short trips. That stove contest sounds like it would be fun! I did manage to wrangle up a bunch of trash and remove and scatter the ashes from 2 of the firepits before hiking out Sunday.
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