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Default Cataloochee 21 to 25 March

My buddy and I planned a trip to Cataloochee this past weekend. We planned it about 2 months ago, and he was coming from the Keys. It was also during my daughter's spring break so we planned it so she could go. Larry called LRO and ordered some flies, including some Quill Gordons (thank you LRO).

We got up to Cataloochee on Thursday evening, and there was snow on the ground....

It was in the twenties Thursday night/Friday Morning, and the fishing was very slow....not even a bite

It rained some Friday night, but at least it was a little warmer. Saturday morning was still pretty cool and overcast with nothing going on intially. We stopped for a lunch break with no fish caught and it was really starting to warm up. We were sitting at a hole on the Cataloochee when the sun came out, and about 20 minutes later I noticed Quill Gordons coming off. I tied on one of the LRO flies that my partner had gotten and...

A nice little brookie smacked that dry fly, coming up from about three foot in a deep pool. The fish had turned on, and we were starting to see bugs hatching all over.

We moved over to the Calwell branch and caught some more brookies, some small, and a decent brown

We had a really good day that afternoon, not a lot of fish but what we caught were colorful and mostly on dries. Great scenery...

Sunday was more of the same with the fishing starting slow and picking up around 2pm or so. When the sun would peek out, the bugs would start hatching and the fish would get active.

Continued next post
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