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Originally Posted by Breck View Post
I have had excellent success with this camera. No complaints or reservations. Its been rained on and various occasions submerged in water with no problems.

Beware...while changing lenses and you get dust on the processor....STOP!!!! Take it to a camera shop and let them clean it it professionally. You will know you need this done when you see spots or streaks in your pics. Do not attempt to remove or clean your self.

Invest in a good Macro lens. I have a good telephoto and searching for a Best portrait or medium distance lens.

Overall, user friendly and not over whelming.

Please share with me your discovery.


Thanks for the reply. I've searched through some of your picture posts, and I really like the quality of the photos you have shared.

There is a deal on Amazon right now for the camera body and 18-55mm kit lens for $589. I think I'm going with that one, since it's much cheaper than the other kits with only a slightly better lense. I think I can play around with the kit lense long enough to save for a nicer one.

I'll be posting pictures up once I get the nerve to hit the "buy" button.

By the way, I've been browsing If you haven't found it already, it's a great site with a lot of good info on these cameras.
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