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Default Georgia sweet Georgia

Well the time has come for my annual fishing trip to the mountains of North GA. I have to say that this trip is easily one of my favorites and I really get excited at heading even further South in pursuit of big trout.

First and foremost, this year I made sure to check first and see if Buzz followed me down to GA again and whether or not he had posted a recent report. Now that I am in the clear, I will post away... I wouldn't want him to burn out on all that PP work transforming those monsters he seems to find down there...

So this year's trip was the year of 'break offs' and 'thrown hooks' as I am officially labeling it!! Never before have I lost so many fish... At least the hooking up part was VERY consistent. I must have broke off at least three big fish and had more than a dozen do a little dance, get down and find a way to disco off my line. It was still fun regardless and really just makes any fish that actually does find its way to my net, even more rewarding.

Of course, it was not all doom and gloom... I always manage to find success at some point. In six years of venturing down to easily one of the most difficult streams I fish, I have always managed to catch fish and have never been left empty handed... knock on wood!!

A very nice fish to start off the trip. He was quite the acrobat jumping four or five times!

This is getting better but not quite what I came for. Still a very nice wild bow!

Now this be big fish territory up ahead. Prepare to lose some flies...

Finally found what I came for and colored up very nicely as well...

Tight Lines,
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