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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Property is still for sale as of last week. I hope someone is dumb enough to pay the exorbitant amount for that property and then also be dumb enough to build condos thinking they will fill them up. Whoever comes up with that idea would rival the authors of the new Healthcare law for idiotic actions.
I know it was sold one time last year and there was a hangup with the original deal. There were rumors that it was going to be developed and the land was going to get rezoned through the back-door of Anderson County Politics. Seems; this was part of the hitch.

If that farm gets developed; it would completely ruin the picturesque and pristine nature of the Clinch River as a tail water and Norris Dam. However; money talks and there is always somebody willing to bend a few rules for a piece.

People need to get more involved and outspoken in their local politics. Ask questions about issues and voice your opinion!
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