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Originally Posted by Stonefly View Post
Wow! Nice fish. Pay-to-play stream?
Well, in a way I guess it is... I pay for gas to get down there, campsite, food, beer, out of state license, leaders, tippet, flies, etc... but do I spend any extra money to fish this stream, no... This is a stream on TU's list of top 100 trout streams in the country and that is all I am saying...

Originally Posted by Breck View Post
Excellent - Tnflyfisher. what camera were you using for the pics.
Breck - I am a photographer and have a pro Olympus DSLR with about six lenses all of which are resistant to the elements. It is an older camera but image quality lies in the glass of which the Oly lenses are excellent. I saw you asking camera info on another thread so feel free to email me as much as you want with any questions and maybe I can hep out.
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