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Default Well done!

Brought tears to my eyes, in a good way. My middle daughter got involved with a "deadbeat" and became pregnant whle they were living together. The result is that she as a single mother living in our home is raising our Grandson whom we watch while she is at work. It used to break my heart when he would talk about his "daddy" and say he wanted to see his dad. Now mind you we refuse to talk his dad down to him, but the guy only rarely comes to town supposedly to see my grandson and ends up only briefly, if at all spending any time with or around him. In addition the "dad' is on his cell phone talking or texting the entire time he is around my Grandson.

About a year or so ago, my Grandson spontaeously spoke up and said, we don't need a daddy, I have a papa and looked over at me with a huge smile.

Being a dad myself as well as a grandad, now, I cannot imagine having a child and being no more invested in his life than his "dad" has been...I have to say it is truly a much greater loss to the "dad" than it will ever be to my Grandson!

"Fly-fishing has many attributes, but none more pleasing than it's ability to liberate the young boy that still hides within me and to let that boy live again without embarrassment or regret, sorrow or anguish." Harry Middleton

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