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Red face Too Kind

Personally I want to say I think Breck is "THE MAN" My Grandson is so much a part of me, I can't fathom doing otherwise. Breck's investment into the life of his nephew especially touches a nerve (in the best way) with me, because of my own situation with my Uncle and how much he and his time invested, meant to me. I would add that he may have had ulterior motives because he frequently would tell me that he ;liked fishing with me because I could catch fish when no one else was catching them

I might add that Breck's title for being the man is being contested in our home by my Elijah. Elijah climbed into my big recliner a couple of weeks ago after I left for work, then smiled and looked over at his "Bella" (Grandma), while saying, "I'm Papa, I am the man!". Robin almost fell out of her chair laughing...and wondering where and how he managed to come up with this as we've never done such...

Thanks again for your kindness guys
"Fly-fishing has many attributes, but none more pleasing than it's ability to liberate the young boy that still hides within me and to let that boy live again without embarrassment or regret, sorrow or anguish." Harry Middleton
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