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Smile Granny - Found 50 small to medium in size.

The season has been very slow in a good way by not being so hot and without moisture. I usually find more than I can eat in this particular area and have, for at least 13 yrs. I'm amazed that after visiting the exact same area in 2 -3 days time something that wasn't there, now appears. MAGICAL!!!

This photo shows my son and 4 - 5 together. Found these on Sunday early morning. I am sure that Wednesday thru Sunday will be full of Yellows.

All of these appeared in a matter of 72 hrs. after I had just searched the area.

Flew my 75 yr. old father in and took these along with my boys out to my sisters farm and fried them up proper for him. Its been 30+ years since hes had them and all this coming full circle since I first hunted them with him at age 8 made for a great day.

Granny please post your success.

Life Is Good!!!

Thank You,

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