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Actually tied some flies to match the mystery nymph...

Fished Nance's yesterday afternoon (no hatch, no risers) and found that my "new flashies" in red krystal flash work pretty well. Blue also worked

I had most luck with OPAL TINSEL abdomen, lemon WD tail, OPAL tinsel wing case and Ice dub thorax in peacock with gold bead....

Going to tie up a bunch of parachute mayflies with OPAL abdomin and dubbed thorax... I'm lovin OPAL tinsel and hope you all give it a go... or don't. LOL

Also gonna tie & try some CDC emergers with OPAL abdomin and just a whisper of zelon or SLF shuck. Did very well last April/May with TAN dub & CDC "emergers" size 14 on Holston; wonder what will happen with OPAL.

Lastly need to tie some Craig Matthew's ZELON MIDGES as I'm out of them; they are easy enough to tie but I have trouble with the wings with my battered up fingers
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