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I tied up a few nymphs to match Shawn's mystery Caddis and fished them on the Holston today; landed several fish and broke off two.... one got a good size chunk of my leader and now has about 30 inches of leader with an indicator trailing behind. Also got fish with my "sulphur" nymph that has Lemon WD tail and squirrel/antron dub, PT wingcase and Lemon WD legs.

Bad luck today with ORVIS MIRAGE once again.... I do get more hook-ups but also get a higher percentage of popped tippet.... there seems to be no good knot for attaching flouro carbon to nylon, even the "orvis knot" sucks. Starting to wonder about using furled leaders with a loop to loop connection to flouro tippets and a bimini....

Saw the most enormous brown trout swipe my indicator on two occasions today; switched to a dry and floated over the area a dozen times to no avail... then threw streamers through the area with no takers.... usually catch fish on streamers there but so far this year no takers on the meaty stuff.

There were no rising fish at all but did see a handfull of caddis about 6PM with a few midges.

maybe a sneak over to the Clinch tomorrow morning.

Some dry fly action would be pleasant.
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